Scholarship and Research

EDTC 803
Data Analysis and Report Writing

This course focuses on the content and the mechanics of effective data analysis and report writing. 

EDTC 806
Research Methods in Educational Technology Leadership

This course is an in-depth treatment of the research process and techniques for planning and designing research projects.

EDTC 809
Assessment and Evaluation

This course provides an introduction to systematic inquiry using assessment methods to understand, evaluate and solve user and organizational needs.

  • Observational Exercise
  • Qualitative Research Project
  • Proposal of Field Research Study
  • Pilot Field Study with IRB

EDTC 810
Statistics for Educational Research

Application, synthesis, and evaluation of statistics from sources including dissertation, journals, technical reports, and web sites.

  • #1 – Reading & Writing w/ Stats
  • #2 – Group Project
  • #3 – Peer Evaluation
  • #4 – Analysis Paper